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Have you watched the video above? 

If not…. We clearly know who you are….  We know you are someone who chooses

to read to consume content and we have got you covered. 

Here is what your less intelligent comrades have already learned about our services by choosing to watch the video rather than reading.  


When choosing to sell your home with Aaron and Heather, we offer everything the most discerning Seller expects from their Real Estate Expert today and we make it fun. 

Here are just a few of our standard services included in our residential listing services.

Professional Photography

You will want to buy your own house when you see what we can create with these photos.

HGTV style videos 

No boring Ken Burns affects to classical

or jazz music crap.

Pre-listing Strategy Meeting  

Where we move your furniture around to make it look better and tell you we need you to get rid of most of your life to get you top dollar. Sometimes there are a few repairs needed to keep you from overpaying for a Buyer’s fear, so we will give you those items at this time as well so they are non-issues in the future.

Massive Social Media Exposure and reach (Including, but not limited to….)






and anything else your 13 year old knows about and uses on the daily.

YouTube Feature Videos

Check out our YouTube Channel

No Cost Staging (as needed)

Extensive Vendor List 











          Family Law (Living Trusts, Eviction etc)

          Physical Inspectors

Onsite Escrow Company

Print Advertising 


          Magazine Advertisements

          Newspapers (if we feel the buyer may be over 70 years old) 😳

Event Open Houses 

Aaron & Heather style open house settings that include multiple dynamic interactive features that are designed to maximize attention to your property from everyone that walks through the doors.

Covid Friendly Showings

Well versed on virtual showing options and safety procedures as needed.

If you have made it this far….. you are our people for sure. 

Now you are just showing off your superior intellect by sticking around.

By now we have to work together.

Call us now before you move on to another webpage

or online list.

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