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In this image, heather sitting on chair and writing something


Did you watch the video above? 

Why not?  What if all of your answers could have already been answered,

but now you are looking for answers by reading this page? 

Don’t fret… we have you covered.


When choosing to Buy a home with Aaron and Heather,

we offer everything the most discerning Buyer expects from their Real Estate Expert today

and we make it fun.

Access to all residential homes on the market in SoCal             

Heck…. Zillow has that, but WE do one better….. (see next checkbox)

Access to many OFF MARKET homes in SoCal

See?  That was worth it.  We hear about hundreds of homes a year before they come to the market and often put Buyers and Sellers  together before the home makes the MLS.

Extensive knowledge of your new neighborhood.

We will tell you not to buy a home before you fall in love with it, if we feel a neighborhood is not going to meet the needs you share with us.

Vendor List 

In case you buy a home that is not perfect at every level, we provide a trusted and vetted list of….













             Family Law (Living Trusts, Eviction etc)

             Physical Inspectors

Professional Relationships.  

Our reputation in the industry has been forged for more than 20 years with our colleagues.  This allows for our offers to get a leg up when                        being presented quite often.  If we need to call in a favor from another Broker to get to the top of their list, we are not too proud to do so. 

Loan Professionals

We stay out of your personal finance life.  We don’t care what you make, how you made it or what your Mom thinks about your career  choice.  That is for your lender, and if you need one of the best in the game, we’ve got you.  Otherwise we stay in our lane and trust your personal finances to stay between you and your Lender. 

Need More?

We are amazed you are still reading this.  That is impressive.

Call/ Text/ Email/ DM

Seriously, that is all we have to work with at this point.  Now we need to know about you and your specific needs. Find us and we will add to your check list if you still need more.

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